Metal Drum Cable H07RN-F3G6 Cube – 25M

Product code: 118481

Cable: H07RN-F3G6 Neopreen

Length: 25 meters

Slots: 230V 32A + 230V 32A IP67: full dust protection, protected from water entering the cable when dipping it.

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Product Description

H07RN-F Neoprene cable (Spets. Rubber)

-Suitable for both field and indoor use
-Medium durability and flexible insulation
-Suffer temperature fluctuations-25 °-+ 60 ° C
-Withstands fats and oils
-UV Resistant
– Uncurled max 7000W, curled max 3000W
– Stable fall resistant support leg. Cable drum brake prevents it from rolling out.